Friday, 20 December 2013

American football is the best... im a noob though!

Recently I have been getting more and more into American football, too bad I am living in England at the moment and American football is never played by anyone.. European football which is totally different however is talked about all the time but I think European football is rather boring if you were to ask me... it just doesn't have enough action for me.. I guess it is a lot safer to play than American football were you will be tackled every second of the match even if you don have the ball. In European football if you tackle someone without the ball you would get sent off and people think you are crazy person, but in American football it is all part of the strategy you see to defend. I did  have a game of American football which I sorted out with my friends.. I was relatively new back then and we didn't know the rules fully I actually ended up getting a sprained foot too... as I should have read this guide first really.. Oh well my feet have healed up since and I made sure to get some insoles which they recommended anyway so I am ready for my next game. I have been watching on tv a few American football games like the packers vs the cowboys.. apart from the ads I think American football is by far the best sport.. they just need to reduce the ads by 90% though.. that is one of the reasons I prefer playing it than watching it. I dont fully understand all the rules but I am getting there... hopefully this time in a year I will be great at American football.. I wonder if there are any teams that i can join here in England... Anyway I really advise you get into this sport its great.... Just be sure to have something on standby to watch in amongst all of the ads as they are really annoying and if you are playing it be protected with pads everywhere and to be the best you gotta be the toughest as well or else you will get hurt.

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